Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mormon Worker

Here is an article I wrote about Cuba for The Mormon Worker. Rumor has it that the print version will come out sometime this week, but right now all the articles are only online.

Conveniently, here is an article I wrote ABOUT the Mormon Worker for SLUG. "Prophets of Anarchy."

Since I've been recently unemployed, I've had more time to write, and I've finished some short fiction. One is about a young man and his Tibetan singing bowl, and is inspired by JD Salinger, Edward Abbey, and the Twilight Zone, but, you know, not as good. It's called "Polytonal Hum, Inestimable Shadow." The other is a story that I bit from my good friend Jesse about his experiences working in a mall skate shop. It's largely inspired by the work of Robert Harris and Carlos Eire, and has all sorts of fun stuff including sex, drug use and plenty of thievery. It's called "I was Disappointed, but Keith was Pissed." Another that I started last fall and finished this week is called "Our Women and Some Sheep." A series of ironically prudish anti-travel writing I've been working on is also done. I call it "On Turkey (the Country) and other Dangerous, Immoral Destinations." I'll keep everyone updated on whether or not anybody thinks that they're good enough to publish, and I plan to put out a very limited pressing of my collected short fiction in zine format later this year.