Monday, January 9, 2012

Kepi Ghoulie review in SLUG

I haven't been writing much for SLUG since I've been traveling, but here's a review I managed to do for the January 2012 issue:

Kepi Ghoulie

I Bleed Rock N Roll

Asian Man

Street: 11.22.11

Kepi Ghoulie = A fine-tuned mishmash of exactly what keeps America decent

Since California pop-punkers The Groovie Ghoulies dissolved in 2007, Kepi, the group’s prolific former frontman, has been keeping himself busy with his own folk punk/punk rock solo project. I Bleed Rock N Roll is an unexpected departure from his previous sound into the world of straight, uncut rock n’ roll. The album opens with “Rock N Roll Shark,” a song in which Mr. Ghoulie compares himself to the sharp-toothed killers of the sea, who, it is rumored, have to keep swimming to stay alive. If he doesn’t keep consuming vast amounts of rock n’ roll, he explains, he will surely die. “Part Time Romeo” and “The Fever” are catchy standouts, and in addition to his 12 original numbers, Kepi tosses a delightful Johnny Thunders cover into the mix. The heartfelt way in which Kepi bares his rock n’ roll stigmata is akin to listening to the Rolling Stones’ “It’s Only rock ‘n roll (But I Like it)” on repeat. He’s right, you know. What the world needs now is rock 'n' roll. - Nate Perkins

The rest of the issue is worth flipping through too.

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